Wednesday, January 16, 2013


As part of my New Year's Resolution I am going to practice more with my photography.  To help me, I have found a couple of great Meet Up groups that provide daily, weekly or monthly challenges that suggest different techniques or themes to photograph.

Currently, has a weekly challenge and this week's theme was forgotten.  After gutting Evan's room on the weekend, I remembered that he has some of our old cellphones that he plays with and was able to take a few minutes and take this shot.


I am just getting into desktop photography by using Lightroom 4 for post production and have recently downloaded a bunch of free presets and I am loving it.  I always wondered how people got such wonder shots not knowing that most of the photography we see has been tweaked somehow with post production software.  This can make anyone look good.  Even me.

Here is my before photo:

Not sure if I'll have time for next week's challenge as I am leaving for Cancun on Wednesday but I'll see if I can squeeze it in.


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