Saturday, February 16, 2013

Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge Week 5 Entry

So this weeks challenge was to create pages of an art journal.

An art journal.

Just the word journal sends me screaming in the opposite direction.  My scrappy friends can tell you.  They make fun of me if I try to attempt an explanation or storyline on my layouts because they know how much I hate doing it.  I wish I was more articulate of the written word, but alas, I am not!

Anyway, this is an art journal.  I have found out that there are as many definitions for art journal as there are people in the world.  The video looked very simple and it was quite apparent to me what we had to come up with but then all these questions started coming up from the the other challengers.  It seemed that this may not be as easy as I first thought. After googling and skulking around the internet, I decided that I was going to stick with my original plan and just do what I was told.  But, I hate to make things that I am not going to use, so I thought I would make it into a gift.  I found a spiral bound book that I no longer use and started on the cover, even though that was not part of the challenge.  We needed to make 2 or 4 journal pages to showcase to the judges.  I made this into a travel art journal using scraps from travel paper I had left over from an album. 

I didn't plan out my pages I just winged it with whatever I thought looked good, using new techniques I have discovered along the way.  I used Resin sand, Gesso, shells, gauze. burlap, grunge board, embossed paper and lots of paint.

Here is the cover:

Pages 1 to 4

Again, all the entries are very different and I don't know how the judges do it.  Here is the gallery.  I'm not feeling overly confident about this round but I will let you know on Monday what happens.

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