Monday, January 14, 2013

Evan's 8th Birthday Party

My son is a gamer and that is putting it mildly.   Right now he is huge into Minecraft and if his birthday was around the corner that would be the theme, I'm sure.  As it was though, he was just starting out in Minecraft when his birthday rolled around in November and his favorite character at the time was Kirby.  That being said, we had a Kirby themed party and everything was Pink.  For those who didn't know, they must have assumed it was a girls party.  Pink balloons, pink shirts, pink cake, pink plates, forks, cups and napkins.

And now, I'm about to show it to you in all it's pinky goodness.

First there was the cake.  As I state in my bio, I will try any craft once and that will probably be my first and last time that I deal with Fondant.  Thanks to Pinterest and You Tube, I was able to get good ideas and instructions to make his Kirby cake.  All those videos and blogs are still Pinned to my Birthdays Board here.

And, after all that effort, the kids didn't even like the icing.  It's marshmallow and icing sugar.  How could they not like it? Oh well.  Just because they are my 2 downfalls doesn't mean they're for everyone.

The next project was the Kirby Pinata.  I cut out the silhouette of Kirby from cereal boxes on my Cricut, glued a band of cardboard around the shape and left a hinged opening at the bottom and a hole up top for hanging.  Once I got a rhythm, putting on the tissue paper wasn't so bad.  The facial features were cut out with my Cricut and glued on.  I stuffed so much candy in there, I'm surprised it actually fell out and didn't get wedged.

Instead of goody bags we gave everyone a t-shirt.  I hate to give the kids something that I know they are just going to throw away, but keeping the budget down is no easy task.  This was a no-brainer though. Michael's had their t-shirts on for $3.50 each and I bought a pack of iron on transfer sheets.  The t-shirts, of course, were pink and we printed out Kirby faces to iron on.  We really liked how they turned out.

The last item on the list was the balloons.  Again, I cut the facial features out with my Cricut and glued them to a pink balloon.   Easy Peasy.  I had a hard time finding just pink balloons in any store and ended up buying some individual ones for $.50 each from a party store.  I thought that was a bit steep but those balloons are still as full as the day of the party 2 months later.

All in all, it was a great day and Evan loved everything about his party.  That's why I do what I do.